Patent Brokering & Licensing

TPMG brokers patent portfolios.


The following is a current Portfolio for sale – 6 U.S. Patents related to mobile apps for retail shoppers.

Contact Ada Nielsen for the Portfolio PDF and pricing information.

Product Locator Patent Portfolio

The Innovaport Portfolio allows you to create a stand-out shopping experience built on a Product Locator Patent Portfolio you own.

A product locator application allows a customer or a store employee to enter a product name (or even scan a bar code) on his/her mobile device – and up pops the product location on their screen. What else? Pricing information. Similar products. Efficient. Satisfying.

Shoppers don’t know or don’t care how the app works or is written. They will assume that their favorite retailer will do this for them and make it easy to use and very easy to shop.

Six (6) U.S. Patents are the basis for the app development. Owning it gives you – the retailer – an advantage over other retailers.